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Discover how to find more time to take control of your dreams and write your book.

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Are you struggling to find the time to write?

From sun-up to sundown you are caring for your children and unlike other jobs, you can't clock off.

The problem is, you know you'd be great at writing a book but when could you possibly fit it in during the endless round of feeding, nappy-changing, playing, bathing, cooking, housework...I could go on...

My free ebook helps you to discover those pockets of time you didn't think you had, leaving you free to write your novel.
  • A no cost solution to finding the time to write your masterpiece.
  • More time to write while making sure your family life doesn't suffer
  • How to not feel guilty by pursuing your dreams
  • Finding the time to write makes you feel good about yourself and a happy parent makes for a happy family.
Stop wishing to magically find that extra time to write and make it happen for yourself now.

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